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  • Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza

    The TOC Oak Ridge clinic works in partnership with Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge and is the leading provider of orthopaedic care for Anderson County.

    TOC takes great pride in our rich history in Oak Ridge. Since 1960, we have made it our goal to place patients first. Our doctors remain at the forefront of their respective fields in order to reduce patient recovery time, maximize patient functionality and achive long-lasting results.

    By offering doctors and staff who are trained in a variety of specialties -- and with the availability of our Quick Care Clinic -- we continue to ensure that we do all we can to achieve that goal.

    Our Doctors

    * Daniel G. Branham M.D.
    * Brian Edkin M.D.
    * Sean Patrick Grace, M.D.
    * Edward K. Kahn, M.D.
    * Jean François P. Reat, M.D.

    Areas of Expertise

    * Arthroscopic Surgery
    * Hand, Elbow & Shoulder Surgery
    * Partial & Total Joint Replacement
    * Hip & Knee Surgery
    * Foot & Ankle Surgery
    * Spine & Back Surgery
    * Outpatient Surgery
    * Sports Medicine
    * Fracture Care
    * Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    Physical Therapy (865) 425-4388

    Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or are in need of occupational therapy, our goal is to return you to a life of normal activities as quickly as possible. Our expertly trained physical therapists will create a personalized program to fit your specific needs and help ensure the fastest possible recovery time.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions or would like to Request An Appointment, you may contact us by phone or fax during office hours.
    Phone: 865-483-8478
    Fax: 865-483-4194

    For billing questions, please contact our central billing office at 865-694-0062.

    Request An Appointment

    To request an appointment via this site, click here.

    After Hours

    Quick Care After HoursQuick Care After Hours provides you with the quality orthopedic care for both acute problems and non-emergency injuries. ┬╗ Learn More