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  • Seymour

    The Seymour TOC clinic opened in fall of 2006 to better service the Seymour, southeast Maryville and surrounding communities with specialized orthopaedic care.

    Our Doctors

    * E. Brantley Burns, M.D.
    * Michael T. Casey, M.D.
    * John E.B. Harrison, M.D.
    * John M. Reynolds, M.D.

    Areas of Expertise

    * Arthroscopic & Reconstructive Surgery
    * Hand, Wrist & Elbow Surgery
    * Partial & Total Joint Replacement
    * Foot & Ankle Surgery
    * Shoulder & Knee Surgery
    * Sports Medicine
    * Fracture Care

    Contact Us

    If you have questions, or would like to Request An Appointment, you may contact us by phone or fax during office hours.
    Phone: 865-524-5365
    Fax: 865-673-8007


    For billing questions, please contact our central billing office at 865-694-0062.

    Request An Appointment

    To request an appointment via this site, click here.

    After Hours

    Quick Care After HoursQuick Care After Hours provides you with the quality orthopedic care for both acute problems and non-emergency injuries. ┬╗ Learn More