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Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics provides specialized, dynamic care for virtually any orthopedic condition. We partner this professional care with a highly-trained, medical support team and advanced medical technologies, providing you a matrix of care that gets you back to daily activities as quickly as possible. Visit any one of our many locations in East Tennessee to receive the orthopedic care you deserve and the treatment you expect.

Surgical Treatment Options for Ankle Arthritis with Dr. James T. Reagan, M.D.

Ankle arthritis is a very debilitating problem and it causes lots of disability. Dr. Reagan talks about ankle arthritis surgical treatment options.

What is causing my heel pain?

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Tompkins. I’m an orthopedic surgeon at TOC and I’m foot and ankle trained. So I have a lot of patients that come to my clinic with a lot of heel pain. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate…

Dr. Pesut Demonstrates the Myerson Wrap

The proper Myerson Wrap technique for bunion surgery patients.

Cindy Fritz Fugatt Shares Her After Hours Sports Clinic Experience

I took my 12 year old daughter to the after hours sports clinic for a foot injury. I was able to log in online before the visit and complete most paperwork. Easy! Staff was great! Friendly, helpful, and super knowledgeble! I’m…

Karen McAndrews Shares Her Quick Care Experience!

“On November 1, 2014,  my 9-year-old daughter, Allyson (an avid soccer player) fell and hurt her foot.Concerned, we headed over to TOC’s Quick Care clinic where we were greeted by a very friendly staff. We did not have to wait and…

Sarah Fortney Wants You To Know Dr. Michael Casey

A fall down the stairs resulted in multiple fractures and surgery for Sarah.