Jean day picWe don’t always wear blue jeans, but when we do, it’s always for a good cause!TOC employs a diverse group of individuals who want to make a difference in their schools, churches and communities. With so many causes and so many in need, they decided to start Blue Jean Fridays to both bring attention to and raise money for a multitude of charities and organizations.

Basic Training for Covenant Health Knoxville Half Marathon by Missy Kane[caption id="attachment_424" align="alignleft" width="199"]Missy Kane Missy Kane[/caption]13.1 miles sounds long, and it is, but most everyone can reach their goal of finishing a half marathon (running/walking or combo) from just a basic training plan.
 Make sure you…
  • Check with your physician before exercising.
  • Commit to a minimum of 3 days training per week
  • Commit to doing a longer effort every (or every other) weekend.
  • See your doctor or a physical therapist if you incur an injury.
  • Mix in some cross training one or two days per week.
  • Get good supportive running shoes and drink plenty of water.
  • Keep a journal of what you do, consider blogging.
  • Visit to register for your event.
  • While you’re on the marathon website, check out KTC training programs
  • Have fun and enjoy the benefits of training, like more energy, and less fat!

With a black belt in karate, Hunter Thomas, 17, has fought scores of opponents, out-maneuvering them with his quick reflexes.“I’ve been pretty successful at tournaments and won some national ones,” said Hunter, the son of Jerry and Beth Thomas of Powell. Hunter is a junior at Powell High School and works as an assistant instructor of karate at The Wheeler Academy.

The Hip Fracture Center at Fort Sanders Regional is a place patients go after “the break of a lifetime” knocks them off their feet – and it’s becoming known for its multi-disciplinary approach to treating what can become a fatal injury for many senior adults.A hip fracture is a break in the upper quarter of the femur (thigh bone). In almost all cases, surgery to repair or replace the hip is required.

Each of us can remember a teacher that made a difference in our lives. We watch our children grow because of the teachers that are a part of their lives. Teachers help shape us. Their influence in our lives is probably taken for granted more often than not. So we at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics have decided to remember and appreciate teachers this week. We hope you will, too!Monday, September 30 Appreciate a teacher by simply telling them thank you. Kind words go a very long way in making someone's day.“I had a favorite teacher, Susan Thompson, from Karns highschool yearbook staff. She was our advisor and the best teacher I ever had. She encouraged creativity and independence. She assigned some of the more complex pages to me including coverage of our special needs program. I learned a lot about compassion and communication working with the students, parents and teachers in that group.” Kristy Parker

[caption id="attachment_316" align="alignright" width="228"]Dr. Paul Brady Dr. Paul Brady[/caption]Shoulder pain can affect every action of the day, from combing your hair and getting dressed, to getting in and out of the car and going to sleep at night. The rotator cuff is the set of four muscles that come together at the top of the shoulder, attached to the bones by tendons. If one of those tendons develops a tear, which is common in people over the age of 50, everyday activities can become very painful.“A rotator cuff injury can be caused by all kinds of things, like bone spurs or injuries. People develop rotator cuff tears over time, or sometimes from a single event,” said Dr. Paul Brady, an orthopedic surgeon at Parkwest Medical Center.

[caption id="attachment_304" align="alignright" width="228"]Dr. Samuel Yoakum, D.O. Dr. Samuel Yoakum, D.O.[/caption]A physiatrist is a doctor who has specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They are trained to treat all manner of patients with varying causes of dysfunction in the body, whether neurologic (from stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury) or musculoskeletal (arthritis, muscle strain, spinal stenosis).Samuel Yoakum, D.O. who has specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, is the newest addition to the Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics family of specialists.

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