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Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics provides specialized, dynamic care for virtually any orthopedic condition. We partner this professional care with a highly-trained, medical support team and advanced medical technologies, providing you a matrix of care that gets you back to daily activities as quickly as possible. Visit any one of our many locations in East Tennessee to receive the orthopedic care you deserve and the treatment you expect.

Injury Prevention for Golfers

Zoom presentation with Physical Therapist Raine Rackley regarding injury prevention for golfers for the Tellico Village community.

Rehab for Anterior Knee Pain: More Than Just the VMO

Many people that exercise regularly, or are returning to some form of exercise, begin to experience anterior knee pain. There are several reasons a person can experience pain in the front of the knee.

Motion is Lotion for the Joints

A Physical Therapist Discusses Osteoarthritis I’ve been a physical therapist at TOC since 2005 and I’ve seen many patients looking for ways to minimize the discomfort of osteoarthritis. With OA, the main complaints are pain, stiffness or even a change…