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Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics provides specialized, dynamic care for virtually any orthopedic condition. We partner this professional care with a highly-trained, medical support team and advanced medical technologies, providing you a matrix of care that gets you back to daily activities as quickly as possible. Visit any one of our many locations in East Tennessee to receive the orthopedic care you deserve and the treatment you expect.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Spinal Injections?

So typically patients that undergo injections are ones that have been dealing with back or leg pain, neck or arm pain for at least six to eight weeks.

Disc Herniation in Young Adults

Dr. Colin Booth, MD,spine medicine physician at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics, explains what can be done for young adults with disc herniation.

Back Pain Relief with Dr. John Lavelle

Dr. John Lavelle, a spine medicine physician at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics,  explains the options available for back pain to get you back to being your best self!   Are you suffering from back pain? If you’re suffering from back pain,…

In-house Spinal Injection Suite

To continue to provide the best health care to our patients, TOC has opened an injection suite at our Parkwest location.

What Is An Osteopathic Doctor?

When it comes to spine care, sometimes a more holistic approach is best.

Who Should You Call When You Have Back Pain?

Drs. Lavelle and Yoakum, both non-operative Spine Specialists, are an integral part of TOC Spine’s team.

A Different Approach to Healing Back Pain

Desensitizing pain neurons decreases back pain. Dr. John Lavelle explains how it works.

Mauled No More

Vols’ Retired Rugby Coach Back In The Game Mulligrubbers, scrums, rucks and mauls. Butch Robertson knows ’em all. But this is no unsavory cast of characters – they are terms used in rugby, a sport Robertson knows plenty about. After…

Second Opinion Gives Tellico Man Right Treatment

About three years ago, Kim Frasch of Tellico, now 65, had pain in both of his calves. Over time, it moved upward and became more intense. “As it got worse, it went into my thighs and glutes. And finally I…

Get To Know Our D.O. Samuel Yoakum

Get To Know Our D.O., Samuel Yoakum.