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Account Receivable Coordinator- (full-time)

Position is located in West Knoxville.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

 1.  Incoming mail pick-up and sort.
 2.  Process mail with insurance payments.
 3.  Process secondary, paper claims.
 4.  Work a task que.
 5.  Filing insurance claims for patients.
 6.  Corresponding with insurance companies to get patient claims paid and paid correctly.
 7.  Talking with patients regarding any account issues.
 8.  Working accounts receivable, by investigating billing problems and formulating solutions.
 9.  Making adjustments to patients and customer accounts following clinic procedures.

Education: High school diploma.
Experience: Minimum two years medical office billing experience preferred.

Resumes can be sent either by fax or email.

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Procedure Scheduler

Essential Job Responsibilities:

 1.  Responsible for scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling all procedure(s).
 2.  Contacts area facility for available time for procedure.
 3.  Educates patient on all aspects of the procedure that is scheduled.
 4.  Schedules all pre-op clearance appointments with PCP or specialist.
 5.  Coordinates any and all paperwork needed to facility (Including: complete order sets, H & Ps and imaging).
 6.  Coordinates surgical representative through HIPAA compliant channels.
 7.  Works with physician to keep pre-operative, surgical protocols updated.
 8.  Schedules all initial follow-up appointments from procedure.
 9.  Completes informed consents.
 10. Call in prescriptions according to MD protocol for procedure.
 11. Scans/sorts all documentation related to completion of duties.
 12. Other duties as assigned.

Education: high school diploma.

Experience: Minimum two years of experience in customer services, with at least six months of experience in health care setting. Procedure scheduling experience preferred.

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Essential Job Responsibilities:

 1.  Verifying code usage from physicians to ensure proper payment for services.
 2.  Entering in patient charges (office and surgical) for billing, into the practice management system.

Education: High school diploma and certification in coding.

Experience: Minimum two years medical office experience preferred.

Resumes can be emailed to Human Resources at or faxed to (865) 694.9829.

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