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The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN


University of Missouri


Anderson Clinic, Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute in Adult Hip and Knee Arthroplasty and Hip Resurfacing / Total Joint

Memberships & Associations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons


Hip and knee preservation and reconstruction
Hip arthroscopy (scopes)
Minimally invasive anterior approach total hip replacement
Acute injuries of the hip and knee
Meniscal tears
Labral tears of the hip
Femoral acetabular impingement
Fractures around the hip and knee
Arthritis of the hip and knee

Awards & Recognition

The Hubert Trust Scholarship
2001 Bigger Faster Stronger National High School Athlete of the Year


Dr. Ivie was very courteous. He listened to my problem, the pain I was having and after reviewing the x-rays told me what my options were. I decided that a total hip replacement would be to my advantage to be able to continue with the lifestyle I wanted. I was in the hospital just overnight and went home the next day. After just one month, I am pain free. If I do have to have my other hip replaced, I will definitely see Dr Ivie again.

Dr Ivie and his staff were highly professional and thorough in conducting all phases of my recent hip replacement. Their procedure for preparing my body for the operation and subsequent post operation exercise regimen were exceptional. The actual operation was performed on schedule, went flawlessly, and my recovery was fast and with a minimum of post op pain (which was never an issue).
Everett Stewart

Dr. Ivie operated on my wife’s left knee that had already been replaced twice before. Her knee was bent so bad she couldn’t walk. Dr. Ivie corrected the problem. Recently, she was having severe hip pain. After x rays, it was determined that all she needed was a shot to relieve the pain. Dr. Ivie is an outstanding ortho doctor. He cares about his patients, answers all questions, etc. Only doctor we ever see for ortho care.
Ken Clowers

After many years of going to an orthopedic dr in Maryville and remaining in extreme pain with my right hip. Being told I was to young for hip replacement and/or I needed to lose weight. Well it’s pretty hard to exercise when you have a hip joint that is bone on bone. I decided to try another dr. I found Dr Ivie on google. That was the best day of my life. Within two weeks I had surgery. I had no problems whatsoever. He is an amazing physican an I will recommend him to everyone. God Bless him.

Dr. Ivie was recommended to me by my PCP and she was right on the spot. He was passionate and very understanding. Talked with me, not down to me. Explained the procedure and what to expect. Two weeks after the hip replacement and I was back at work and no longer in pain and limping. I would highly recommend Dr. Ivie and the anterior hip replacement for anyone who is in need of getting rid of the hip pain. I lived with it too long and can’t believe how great it feels now.
Ina K.

I knew after reading Dr. Ivie’s reviews and after talking to him for only a couple of minutes that he was the guy I wanted to perform my total knee replacement. Dr. Ivie and his nursing staff are very professional and very caring and my surgery and recovery went way better than I could have ever dreamed. My incision was clean with NO INFECTION, drainage or bleeding and I was walking with zero assistance comfortably within 2 weeks. I could not recommend Dr. Ivie more highly!
Chris W.

Dr. Ivie is a very sincere caring doctor that goes out of his way to ensure his patients are taking care of. He spends the time to determine the issues and is very knowledgeable in helping. He is on top of the latest techniques. My hip surgery recovery has been great thanks to his knowledge of the newer surgery techniques. I would highly, and have, recommend Dr. Ivie to anyone needing his services.
David Pearson

Dr. Ivie did a partial hip replacement of my fathers hip. He did a wonderful job. We are so thankful that he was our surgeon! I would highly recommend him.
Dennis Dover

I made an appointment, not expecting I would be a candidate, but wanting to explore every option so on Aug /14/2015 I had a complete knee replacement Since the pain was so intense, I chose surgery on my left knee first I was in the hospital several days doing therapy then went home using a walker. Because pain lasted so long I was hesitant about having the other knee operated on but Dr. Ivie explained to me it wouldn’t be as bad because this one was so crooked. The pain was very hard at first but and I progressed from using a walker to a cane immediately. when Ii went back for follow up we agree in about 3 months we would do the other knee. There is no comparison in the recovery time, the intensity of the pain and the range of mobility. Thank You So Very Much Dr Conrad Ivie.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up with a shattered tibia and had to gave a knee replacement and a tibia rebuild. Dr.Ivie and his staff worked hard to get insurance approval and within days after surgery I was walking without the aid of a cane. I highly recommend Dr. Ivie for the best care of knee or hip.

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