Orthopedic Clinic in Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza, oakridge, tn

Orthopedic Clinic at Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza – Oakridge, TN

TOC at Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza works in partnership with Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge and is the leading provider of orthopedic care for Anderson County.

We have a long, rich history in Oak Ridge. Since 1960, we have made it our goal to reduce patient recovery time, maximize patient functionality and improve patient outcomes. Located in the Physician’s Plaza, we look forward to seeing you soon.

TOC Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza

988 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Suite 100
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.





Clinical Director:

Justin Maguire
For billing questions, please contact our central billing office at 865-694-7725.

Orthopedic care in Oak Ridge

Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics offers Oak Ridge residents a wide variety of orthopedic services close to home, so they don’t have to make the trek all the way into Knoxville to get the care they need. The services provided at our Oak Ridge orthopedic clinic include:

Arthroscopic & Reconstructive Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is the gold standard in orthopedic care. Using miniature instruments and a tiny camera, arthroscopic surgery allows patients to heal faster with less pain and stiffness than traditional open surgery.

Hand & Elbow Surgery

Our Oak Ridge orthopedic specialists regularly treat conditions of the hand and elbow including carpal tunnel, arthritis, ganglion cysts, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and tendonitis.

Shoulder Surgery

Stiffness and pain in the shoulder can have a major impact on daily activities. Our orthopedic surgeons in Oak Ridge help patients regain the pain-free movement of their shoulders with shoulder surgery.

Knee Surgery

Achy knees make getting around a real challenge. Our Oak Ridge orthopedic surgeons employ a variety of techniques to help our patients move better – including partial and total knee replacements, MACI knee surgery and more.

Spine & Back Surgery

Minimally-invasive spine surgery at our Oak Ridge clinic helps back pain patients get back to the activities they love.

Total Joint Replacement

When pain of the knee, shoulder or hip joint doesn’t respond well to less invasive treatments, joint replacement surgery may be the best option to find relief.

Foot and Ankle surgery

Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics’ foot and ankle surgeons in Oak Ridge treat many common conditions that affect the feet and ankles to help our patients walk with less pain and stiffness.

Sports Medicine

We help local athletes recover from common sports injuries and protect their athletic performance.

Comprehensive orthopedic care

East Tennessee’s top orthopedic specialists provide a full menu of comprehensive orthopedic care to residents of Oak Ridge and the surrounding area.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a key component of recovering from an injury or orthopedic surgery. We welcome referrals from doctors outside our practice, too.

Fracture Care

When a bone breaks, you want care fast. Our Oak Ridge orthopedic clinic is right nearby so you can get on the road to healing without driving all the way to Knoxville.

Oak Ridge Physical therapy

At Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics, we understand that the best way to ensure our patients stick to their rehabilitation after surgery is by making it easy. That’s why we offer in-house physical therapy right at our clinic in Oak Ridge. Our physical therapists create a custom plan for each patient to make sure they achieve their physical therapy goals. We aim to return our patients to their normal activities as soon as possible.

Enjoy the convenience of Orthopedic Telemedicine

It’s not always possible to get to the doctor’s office when you’re suffering from an orthopedic injury. Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics offers orthopedic telemedicine via our telemedicine app OrthoLive. All you have to do is download the OrthoLive app on your smartphone, schedule an appointment with your doctor, and then you’ll meet with your orthopedic specialist to discuss your concerns via video chat.

Orthopedic Doctors In Oak Ridge