Ready, Set, Go Online!

Patient Portal Powered by NextMD

Introducing our new Patient Portal designed to help you communicate securely with your TOC physician and view parts of your medical record anytime of day!

- Quickly access your medical records and results

- Email non-emergency questions to your provider

- Easily update your contact information (address, email, phone)

- Schedule an appointment with your doctor


Patient Portal Powered by NextMD


How do I access this portal?

All patients who have provided an email address to us will receive an introductory email explaining the login steps. If we do not have your email and you wish to access this portal, simply let our front desk know.

Questions? Contact our TOC Portal Support line at 865-692-2325.
As with all your personal information, your email is protected and never sold or shared.

Patient Portal Terms and Conditions:

The TOC Patient Portal is provided as a courtesy to our valued patients who are 18 years of age or older. In a continued effort to provide the highest level of healthcare and to protect the privacy of our patient’s medical information, we ask that you please review the following policies and limitations:

· DO NOT USE THE PORTAL IN AN EMERGENCY. Dial 911 or go to the Emergency Room.
· Only routine and non-urgent communication are allowed using the TOC Patient Portal. Most communications are answered within 3 business days.
· Keep your username and password private and secure.
· Continuously update any and all changes to your contact information.
· Access the portal only from private, secure and trusted computers.
· Do not download your patient summary to public computers.

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