Physical Therapist in Knoxville

Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics is well known for our Therapy services. Staffed by professionals with both Masters and Doctorates in Therapy, our therapists also have years of clinical experience behind them. Many of our therapists are certified in the renowned McKenzie Method. This method of therapy is most useful for treating acute and/or chronic disc-related pain; however, the techniques used are effective for any patient experiencing pain.

Each of our six therapy facilities is located where your doctors are, allowing information to be quickly communicated and questions are answered promptly, thereby streamlining  your rehabilitation and recovery. So whether you require post-operative care or therapy for a chronic condition, TOC Therapy is the best option for therapeutic care.

Important Phone Numbers

TOC at Bearden
(865) 282-2260

The Tower at Parkwest
(865) 560-8550

Fort Loudoun Medical Center
(865) 988-8796

Randall R. Robbins Office Oak Ridge
(865) 483-1906

Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza
(865) 425-4388

Fort Sanders Regional
(865) 633-0259

TOC Physical Therapy at D1
(865) 247-4182

Our Physical Therapists

Hand Therapists in Knoxville

In our continued efforts to bring you the best care possible, we have a Certified Hand therapist to provide very specialized therapy to our patients who have lost or have reduced function in the hand, wrist, elbow and even shoulder.

Whether its arthritis slowing you down or a very delicate hand surgery, our Certified Hand Therapists will provide the therapeutic interventions needed to help each patient get back to everyday tasks as quickly as possible.