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Knee Arthritis Surgery

Knee arthritis is a common condition we see often here at our clinics in Eastern Tennessee. If you’re suffering from painful knees, give us a call today. You don’t have to suffer, because treatments for knee arthritis are available!


Arthritis in the knee is a common condition that affects people of all ages, though it becomes more common with age. Younger patients with knee arthritis are generally athletes, and the arthritis is brought on by injury and overuse.

The most common kind of knee arthritis is osteoarthritis, the typical “wear and tear” type of arthritis in which the cartilage in the knee wears away, resulting in bone-on-bone friction that causes pain.


  • Swelling and stiffness makes it difficult to bend the knee
  • Pain that is worse after long periods of inactivity
  • Pain after activity
  • Creaking, squeaking, or grinding sensations with movement
  • Knee pain that changes with the weather


If your knees are giving you trouble, we may recommend one or more of the knee arthritis treatments listed below:



  • Losing weight – Avoiding activities that aggravate pain in the knee can reduce knee arthritis symptoms.
  • Physical therapy – Stretching and strengthening exercises can help improve the movement of the knee and reduce pain.
  • Medications – There are a wide variety of medications available that can improve the symptoms of knee arthritis.
  • Surgery – For patients that don’t find relief from the above treatments, knee arthritis surgerymay be the right option to restore the pain-free function of the knee.

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