[caption id="attachment_1620" align="alignright" width="215"]Adam Levko, PT, DPT Adam Levko, PT, DPT[/caption]Many people that exercise regularly, or are returning to some form of exercise, begin to experience anterior knee pain. There are several reasons a person can experience pain in the front of the knee. Patella Femoral Syndrome (PFS) results from pain under the knee cap (patella) that is caused by tracking improperly on the long bone in the thigh (femur). Many studies and medical professionals suggest that this tracking issue is due to a relative weakness of the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO), as compared to the Vastus Lateralis (VL). This relative weakness would result in the VL pulling the patella laterally, or toward the outside of the leg, while it tracks on the femur. The back of the patella has a ridge, like the hull of a boat, and is supposed to track directly in a groove (like a canal) on the femur. If the hull of the boat is continually being pulled over the edge of the canal, this will cause significant irritation, inflammation, and even damage to the cartilage that covers the bone over time.

About three years ago, Kim Frasch of Tellico, now 65, had pain in both of his calves. Over time, it moved upward and became more intense.“As it got worse, it went into my thighs and glutes. And finally I began to lean to the left as an involuntary effort to gain some relief,” Frasch said. “My wife was worried I couldn’t stand up straight. I had sharp, stabbing pains in my legs, and standing was intolerable. I could only walk for a short period of time.”

With Alex Diegel, PTBob: “My wife, Janie and I have enjoyed hiking for several years with Missy Kane and the Happy Hikers from the O’Conner Center. I was experiencing problems hiking downhill and with steps on the trail. I was very slow and unable to flex my knees fully.DSCN2681_editOne of our hiking friends recommended that I see Dr. John Reynolds at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics to evaluate and, possibly treat my knees. Dr. Reynolds x-rayed and evaluated my knees and symptoms. I was diagnosed with patellofemoral arthritis and he recommended Physical Therapy for a month to strengthen my muscles. I was happy he did not recommend any invasive treatment!