Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics’ Featured Employee July 2013

by | Jul 8, 2013 | News

ipadAt TOC, our patients are our top priority. So when new government regulations required us to capture all medical records electronically, we knew some folks might need some assistance working with the new iPad registration system. Patient Advocates were put in place at every location to work with our patients on the data entry. One of those Patient Advocates, Jessica, was the subject of a letter written by one of our patients.
Read her letter written to Caleb Walker, clinic director, below:
Mr. Walker,
I have been in the Oak Ridge office to see Dr. Edkin several times in the past few months. At each visit I have interacted with several staff members and every time, without fail, no matter what was happening, your staff have all been wonderful.

However, I believe that Jessica, the lady that helps with the iPads in the lobby, needs a touch of special recognition. At my visit in early May there were several patients that were quite ugly to both her and the entire lobby about filling out the questionnaire on the iPad. She handled this with professionalism, patience, and dignity. Never did she raise her voice nor did she change her tone of voice. It was as if it did not phase her. She helped them with the questionnaires, explained why this is being done this way and gave them alternate solutions to filling them in at the office. That day was particularly busy and several of the people she helped were down right hateful.
I think that it is important that you know that she goes above and beyond and represents your office in a very professional manner. If your company has a reward system or recognition system, please see that she is rewarded in the highest manner possible.
Sharyl King
We want to thank Ms. King for her letter and encourage all of our patients to let us know how we are doing! Simply go to www.tocdocs.com/can-we-help to leave your comments. Your feedback helps us to provide you the best care possible.