TOC Shines The Spotlight On Denise Saah

by | May 12, 2013 | News

When you give it your all, nothing feels better than to be recognized for your hard work. That’s why TOC requested nominations from all employees  for the first Featured Employee of the Month. Honoring our team members who go the extra mile is a great way to show how much their contribution affects each person at each location! What you do, matters!
Featured this month is medical assistant at TOC at Fort Sanders Regional, Denise Saah.
When asked why he nominated Saah, Dr. Paul Yau explained, “She works tirelessly until the patient is cared for. She takes ownership of responsibilities, and more importantly, she makes the workplace a pleasant environment.”
“Denise is the go to person,” says Dr. Brantley Burns. “Not only can she properly dress a wound, she is also a radiology tech, so she can take that unusual x-ray. No one puts on a better cast, so she is the perfect trainer for those just learning how.
A mother of 2 boys, ages 21 and 17, Denise Saah is active in the Booster Club and is proud to call herself a “Baseball Mom.”
Congratulations Denise Saah! TOC is proud that you are part of the team!