Dad’s still in the game after MS leads to hip surgery

[caption id="attachment_746" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kendrick Tate With his new hips, Kendrick Tate is able to play basketball with his son again.[/caption]Kendrick Tate picks up a basketball, slowly dribbles his way to the far side of the court just beyond the three-point circle. In one smooth, arching flick of the wrist, the ball strips the net. Whoosh!What’s better than a three-pointer with your 9-year-old son watching? Not much.“He’s the best shooter I know,” a grinning Preston McLeskey says of his Dad.“Good answer,” his father responds with a smile.

He discovered tennis in its golden years, back when Ilie Nastase, Vitas Gerulaitis and Bjorn Borg ruled the men’s courts. But almost four decades later, Kevin Simpson’s game was suffering. “For the longest time I thought that I must have a groin pull because every time I would go out and play tennis it would hurt,” he said. “I went a whole year with it, and then during the second year I thought, ‘I need to have this checked. Something’s not right.’ ” Indeed, something was NOT right. A chiropractor’s x-ray showed his right hip was bone-on-bone, and Dr. Paul Yau, an orthopedic surgeon at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center confirmed it.

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