Social Media Guidelines

Media Policies


All media inquiries should be directed to our Marketing Department at (865) 694-7725, ext. 2241. We understand deadlines and are dedicated to meeting them by responding to media inquiries quickly and promptly.

Coming To Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics

Members of the media are required to notify the Marketing Department before coming to any of our 10 locations. All media must be accompanied by a Marketing staff member while on TOC grounds because of patient confidentiality concerns. Media credentials must be clearly displayed at all times for security reasons.

On-Site Filming

News crews are welcome to set up for live shots or film on the sidewalks across the street from TOC at any time. As a courtesy, however, we ask you notify the Marketing Department beforehand. Please do not interfere with patient or ambulance access to any entrance. Once inside the facility, all media must be escorted by a member of the Marketing staff at all times when on assignment.

Family Video

If the family uses the photos and/or video they have personally taken within TOC for any purpose other than personal use (for example to release to any media outlet or for publication), the Marketing Department must be notified by the family prior to release. The Marketing Department reserves the right to review the photos and will approve or deny release. Non-approval would result if the photos are in conflict with TOC’s policies, particularly the confidentiality of other hospital patients and staff.

Use of TOC Logo and Signature

The logo and signature of Tennessee Orthopaedic is restricted as follows:

Use of TOC’s logo and signature is granted on a case-by-case basis only to TOC’s direct services and other health care providers/organizations or sponsors who have a collaborative relationship with TOC. Application for specific use of the logo and signature by any party should be initiated by contact with TOC’s Marketing Department at (865) 694-7725, ext. 2241. TOC’s Marketing Department will also provide final authorization for all logo use requests.

Logo Rules
  • Logo may be printed in either black ink, or PMS 166 Orange, or PMS 314 Blue ink ONLY.
  • The logo must ALWAYS be used with the TOC name. The logo cannot be used alone.
If you have questions about the use of our logo, please call Kristy Parker at (865) 694-7725, ext. 2241.

NOTE: All other graphics, text and photographs on the TOC website are copyrighted by TOC or by the organization represented. For information about use of any of these images or text, please contact Kristy Parker at (865) 694-7725, ext. 2241.