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Hip Labral Tear and Preservation with Dr. Yau of Tennessee Orthopedic Clinic

My name is Paul Yau, and I have a particular interest in hip preservation. One of the most common conditions is labral tears. There can be some clues in figuring out how you obtained the labral tear. Sometimes it can…

Common Myths About Back Pain

Common Myths About Back Pain Myth #1: It’s Degenerative Disc Disease So one of the most common things that patients come in with an awareness of already if they’ve had X-rays or had an MRI, is this idea of degenerative…

What is Thumb Arthritis?

In the hand, the thumb is the most arthritic joint. That’s where we see the most clinical manifestation. So you might have x-ray changes of arthritis somewhere else, but what really drives people in to see us is the thumb from an arthritic standpoint, because that’s so involved in the function and the use of your hand, because everything you do with your hand, you use your thumb.

The Health Factory Podcast

The Health Factory Podcast: Dr. John M. Lavelle, D.O. talks the importance of functional fitness! Josh:
Hey guys. Welcome back to the Health Factory Podcast. This is Josh, and I’m here with Dusty Holden and Dr. John Lavelle.

Dusty Holden:
Good morning.

Dr. Lavelle:
Glad to be here.

Dusty Holden:
Yeah, it’s good to be back.

Last time we talked about injury and then shockingly, that obviously gets a lot of feedback. There’s a lot of folks who have been in pain, a lot of folks who’ve been injured in the past, and then maybe that was what sparked them to either change their training or develop something different, or maybe that’s what turned them off in the first place? That’s what’s kind of led us to talking to Dr. Lavelle today. Real quick, can you explain to us your background in medicine? So, what kind of doctor are you? What do I need to know about what you do?

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger Trigger finger is a really common condition in which the tendon that helps the fingers move, gets caught in a pulley at the base of the finger. So people will actually feel the pain when they press here,…

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is what we call technically, adhesive capsulitis. Basically, it is a condition that is actually quite common. What causes a Frozen Shoulder? We don’t always know exactly what causes it. People just basically start getting a gradual loss…

Rotator Cuff Tear

A common problem that we see in patients who have shoulder problems is what we call rotator cuff tears. What is a rotator cuff tear? Little tears that develop in the tendons deep down inside our shoulder, around the ball…

ACL Tear and Reconstruction

A patient with an ACL tear generally will have an injury where they’ll have either some type of twisting injury or they buckle on the knee, and we’ll have a pop and the knee will swell up. And generally, the…

Why do I have arm pain?

Frequently, patients will tell me they have more pain in their arms than they do in their shoulders.  Because those nerves that run through the shoulder go right down your arm.  What may be causing the arm pain? So you…

Hot Topics: Common Shoulder Injuries

Good morning guys. My name is Dr. Justin Kennon. I’m one of the shoulder and elbow surgeons here at Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics here in Knoxville and in Oak Ridge. I appreciate you guys taking the opportunity to allow me to…