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Arthroscopic Surgery

The word arthroscopic is derive from two Greek words meaning to look within the joint. It is a less invasive surgical technique that allows your surgeon to diagnose and treat your orthopedic joint condition.

All of our Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics surgeons are trained in and use arthroscopy as part of their surgical practice. Most often used to repair damage to the knee, hip, wrist, ankle, or shoulder joints, arthroscopy eliminates the need for large incisions and longer recovery times for our patients.



Arthroscopic surgery is used to assess, diagnose, and treat problems inside a joint. In arthroscopic surgery, a surgeon inserts a tiny camera with a light called an arthroscope into a small incision in your skin. The arthroscope is used to see inside the joint and look for damage, inflammation, tears, and other issues to find what’s causing the source of your symptoms. In another tiny incision in the same area, the surgeon will insert miniaturized surgical instruments no larger than a pencil into the same incision to repair the damage.


Arthroscopic surgery is the more modern and preferred incarnation of open surgery. In traditional open surgery, a surgeon would make a large incision and open the joint up to see inside. This larger incision typically means a longer recovery time and greater pain and stiffness post-surgery. Patients prefer arthroscopic surgery because it causes less scarring, less pain, and offers a faster recovery than open surgery.


Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic surgeons perform arthroscopic knee surgery  on regular patients for patients in and around Knoxville and East Tennessee. Arthroscopic knee surgery can be used to treat a variety of knee ailments, such as torn ACL, torn PCL, torn meniscus, damaged cartilage, fractures of the knee bones, and more.


Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is typically the preferred method of treating a variety of shoulder joint conditions, including rotator cuff repair, ligament repair, removal of damaged or inflamed cartilage, and treatment of recurring shoulder dislocation.


Though not as common as arthroscopic knee surgery or shoulder surgery, arthroscopic hip surgery is recommended to treat various conditions of the hip including femoroacetabular impingement, hip dysplasia, snapping hip syndrome, synovitis, and some infections of the hip joint.

We provide our patients with More Locations and Convenient Care in East Tennessee, including Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City and Sevierville.

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