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Hip preservation surgery helps people with painful hip conditions preserve the integrity of their hip joint and prevent the development of arthritis. Patients who undergo hip preservation surgery find relief from ongoing hip pain, are able to regain normal functioning of the hip joint and may avoid needing a hip replacement later in life. 

Who is a candidate for hip preservation surgery?

Hip preservation surgery is typically performed on patients below age 45 who do not have significant arthritis in the affected joint. Hip preservation surgery can improve the movement and quality of life for people with: 

  • Avascular necrosis – Bone death caused by an inadequate blood supply
  • Bursitis – Painful inflammation of the bursa in a joint
  • Cartilage damage 
  • Hip dysplasia – A condition in which the socket of the hip joint is too shallow to fully support the joint 
  • Hip impingement – Compression of the hip joint 
  • Labral tears – Tears in the cartilage of the hip joint

Hip preservation surgery combines a variety of orthopedic techniques

Hip preservation surgery uses a combination of orthopedic techniques to restore the function of the hip joint. Depending on your unique condition, we may use one or more of the following techniques in your hip preservation surgery. These procedures are done using minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, for less scarring and a faster healing time than traditional open surgery. 

  • Cartilage restoration such as grafts or abrasion 
  • Bone spur removal 
  • Labral repair 
  • Pelvic osteotomy to better align the hip joint 
  • Debridement to remove loose pieces of bone or cartilage 

Recovery time for hip preservation surgery

Recovery time for hip preservation surgery varies depending on the types of procedures your surgeon chooses to perform. Patients who undergo hip preservation surgery typically leave the hospital in a day or two and must attend physical therapy in the weeks after surgery. 

Hip pain not well-managed by other methods?

Schedule your appointment today. The orthopedic specialists at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics will be happy to discuss treatment options including hip preservation surgery with you. 

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