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Are you suffering from hip pain? There are many conditions that can cause you discomfort, including arthritis, so it is imperative you seek attention from a qualified orthopedist who can diagnose and treat your condition. Hip joint pain can be hard to live with but it can be treated non-surgically with medications and physical therapy.

For some, hip replacement surgery is necessary. Our team of Hip Specialists have years of experience and can relate all of the facts regarding your hip pain so that you can make an informed decision regarding your hip care.

Hip Pain Treatments & Conditions

Are you experiencing hip pain or these symptoms?

  • Hip stiffness, constant or intermittent
  • A broken hip 
  • Hip knee and ankle pain in one leg 
  • Hip pain where you can’t walk 
  • Arthritis-related hip pain 
  • Hip pain with a specific movement or position (sitting Indian style, walking up stairs, or lying on your side)

If so, consider seeing a specialist. Don’t let your hip problems become even worse!

Why see a hip specialist?

Your hips and pelvis have a huge role in your movement and rest. It’s no wonder that when there’s a problem, it negatively affects many normal movements in your life. It’s virtually impossible to avoid sitting, standing, and twisting when toileting or ambulating.

There are lots of options for helping hip problems. Some are as minimal as physical therapy, and some may be relieved with replacement surgery. Our hip surgeons take your full history and symptoms into account when developing your plan of care.

A hip replacement is not necessarily the only fix for hip problems. If you’re struggling with hip problems, but don’t need a full replacement, you can reduce the risk of future hip replacement with a hip preservation surgery. This is a milder hip surgery that can help prevent arthritis and the need for another hip replacement. 

If your hip problems are related to irregular bone structure of the hip, you may benefit from an FAI procedure. It’s a minimally invasive surgery that helps visualize and correct femoral-acetabular impingement (FAI) problems in the joint.Having hip problems, but it’s not clear what’s going on? You may need To start with a simple hip arthroscopy. It’s a very minimally invasive procedure that allows the hip surgeon to see into the joint. This greatly helps them diagnose and move forward with a plan of care.

When can I bend down after a hip replacement?

After 6–12 weeks. During your recovery time, don’t bend past 6090 degrees, cross your legs or ankles, turn your toes in or out, or pick things up off the floor.

When can I drive after a hip replacement?

After about 6 weeks. You also shouldn’t drive if you’re still taking pain medications—it’s unsafe and illegal.

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