Complex Spinal Deformity Surgery

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A healthy spine is designed to support the weight and movement of the human body. But when a spinal deformity causes abnormal curvature of the back, pain and motion limitations can greatly decrease the quality of life for those who suffer from a bent spine. Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics offers back straightening surgery for all types of spinal deformities.

Abnormal curvature of the back

The three gentle curves of the human spine support the upper part of the body and hold it upright. When any of these three curves is exaggerated or diminished, severe back pain can result. 

Abnormal curvature of the back can occur front-to-back, as in the case of kyphosis, fallback syndrome, swayback, and chin-on-chest syndrome. Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is seen in scoliosis. 

Abnormal curvature of the back can be caused by genetics, and present at birth as a congenital deformity. But it can also be caused by age-related degeneration, illness, and disease. 

Types of spinal deformities

Any abnormality in the shape, flexibility or curvature of the spine can be considered a deformity. Common types of spinal deformities include: 

Scoliosis – A condition where there is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine. In a healthy spine, the spine is seen as a straight line when viewed from the back. In a patient with scoliosis, the spine is seen as an S or C shape when viewed from the back. 

Lordosis – Also known as swayback, lordosis is a condition in which the spine has an exaggerated curvature front to back.

Kyphosis – This condition occurs when there is abnormal curvature in the thoracic section of the back, causing a rounded appearance. 

Bent spine syndrome – Bent spine syndrome, also known as camptocormia, is commonly seen in older people and the elderly. Bent spine syndrome occurs when the lower back bends at 45 degrees anteriorly, making the patient bend forward.

Back straightening surgery in Tennessee

Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics use the latest in spine surgery technology to treat your spinal deformity with back straightening surgery. 

Whether you are suffering from acute scoliosis, bent spine syndrome, lordosis, kyphosis, or another type of spinal deformity, the doctors at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics can help you stand straighter with back straightening surgery.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Whenever possible, we opt for minimally invasive spine surgery when straightening a bent spine. However, not every case is suited to minimally invasive spine surgery. Your doctor will talk with you about your options and help you choose which method of back straightening surgery is right for you. 

In some cases, surgery is not necessary to correct a spinal deformity. If you have a mild case of scoliosis, lordosis, or kyphosis, other treatments such as braces, exercises, and lifestyle changes may be all you need to stand straighter and enjoy less back pain. However, if you have a more complex spinal deformity, surgery may be your best option. At Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics, our goal is always to treat you in the way that is best suited to you and will produce the best results.

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