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Neck Fusion Surgery

Neck fusion is a surgical procedure used to fuse two or more vertebrae in your neck permanently. It’s a type of spinal fusion that’s performed explicitly on the vertebra in the neck in order to correct a deformity, improve stability, or reduce neck pain. Neck fusion is reserved for extreme situations when no other options are available.


A neck fusion surgery is fairly straightforward. It usually involves your surgeon making an incision to gain access to your vertebra. Next, they prepare the bones for fusing by performing a bone graft. To do this, they take bone material from a bone bank or another part of your body. Finally, your surgeon uses metal plates, screws, or rods, to bind the vertebra and bone graft together and fuse your neck.


Recovering from neck fusion surgery is timely and painful. After the procedure, you should expect to stay in the hospital for at least two to three days to recover. However, it can take several months for the bones in your neck to completely heal and fuse together. You’ll also likely have to wear a protective neck brace to keep your neck from moving too much, which will hinder the healing process.


There are many complications and problems that can result from a neck fusion. Pseudoarthroises, dysphagia, CSF leaks, nerve damage, and infection are just a few of the possible problems. There’s also no guarantee that a neck fusion procedure will completely take away your pain or correct your spine.

In the long term, neck fusion could end up reducing your quality of life and limiting your movements. It will also take away the ability to perform certain tasks that are a normal part of life. You should only proceed with this procedure if your orthopedic surgeon recommends it.

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