Robotic Spine Surgery

Knoxville’s Best Choice for Robotic Spine Surgery in Eastern Tennessee

When your chronic back pain does not respond to non-surgical treatments, robotic spine surgery may be the right choice to help you feel and move better. 

The doctors at Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics use state of the art robotic spine surgery technology to provide our patients with the most modern, advanced spinal care close to home.

What is robotic spine surgery?

In robotic spine surgery, a specially designed robot helps your surgeon accurately and precisely repair the areas of your damaged spine. Unlike the name suggests, the robot is not the one doing your surgery! The robot is simply there to assist your surgeon, increasing accuracy and efficiency during your spine surgery.

How robotic spine surgery works

Before you even step into one of our Tennessee operating rooms, we will create high-quality, detailed imagery of your spine and structural anatomy. The bones in your spine and surrounding areas will be carefully mapped with an exclusive imaging system, providing your surgeon with a blueprint of your unique anatomy from which to plan your surgery. 

During surgery, the robot reads the blueprint and gives your surgeon an exact trajectory of where to place screws and other instrumentation with pinpoint accuracy in real time.

Benefits of robotic spine surgery:

  • Increased accuracy 
  • Less invasive than traditional spine surgery 
  • Faster healing time 
  • Fewer complications 
  • Improved safety

Which back surgeries are best suited for robotic guidance?

Certain back surgeries are more well-suited to robotic guidance than others. In particular, spinal fusion surgery greatly benefits from robotic assistance. The placement of screws is enhanced tremendously by the pinpoint accuracy and reliability of robotic guidance. 

Robotic spine surgery is also well suited to removal of tumors, vertebroplasties, and surgical correction of abnormal curvature of the spine as seen in conditions like scoliosis.

What are the benefits of robotic spine surgery over traditional surgery?

In the old days, surgeons had to fully expose the spinal anatomy so that they could see exactly where they were placing screws or other spinal instrumentation. That meant bigger incisions, larger scars, more blood loss, and longer recovery times for patients. 

Minimally invasive robotic surgery makes those large incisions and long recoveries a thing of the past. By allowing your surgeon to visualize your internal spinal structure in 3D without actually cutting through the skin, you’re now able to get back to life sooner after surgery and be left with only small scars.

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